REVIEW: Red Door Gin

A lovely tasting gin all wrapped up in a glorious gift box, Red Door Gin is a winning addition to the Scottish gin market.  

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A little bit of background

Red Door is a new Scottish gin from Benromach Distillery, based in Forres. Best known for producing award-winning single malt whisky, it marks a new chapter in the distillery’s proud history.

Inspired by Scotland’s mountains, forests and coastal fringes, this London style gin has been lovingly created by a dedicated team of distillers using the finest botanicals.

There’s also a new visitor experience available that will offer you the opportunity to glimpse behind that door and discover the story of the gin.

The packaging

Encased in a pillar box red gift box – complete with sliding door no less! – and wrapped in paper featuring botanical illustration, the presentation is nothing short of impressive. There’s a lot of attentive detail that’s gone into this gin even before you’ve tasted it.

A little pouch holds information about the gin around the bottle’s neck; the typography is beautifully executed.

The bottle itself is a deep crimson, reflecting the gin’s ‘red door’ branding. There’s no doubt that this wouldn’t take pride of place in any gin collection.


  • Juniper
  • Bitter Orange
  • Aromatic Sea Buckthorn
  • Floral pearls of heather
  • Rowanberries

The Perfect Serve

Pour 1 part gin to 2 parts good quality tonic into a balloon glass taken from the fridge or freezer. Garnish with fresh raspberries to contrast or with a grapefruit slice to accentuate the botanicals with fresh ice. Stir and enjoy!

On the Nose

Once poured into a glass, Red Door Gin is wonderfully vibrant. There’s a definite citrus brightness here but also an indistinct hint of something unique you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s almost a rich chocolately scent that invites you in with great promise.

red door gin review


Much like the scent, Red Door Gin is beautifully unique. You expect a typical gin set up: the juniper, the orris root, coriander, liquorice, maybe a little citrus peel, but this gin delivers above and beyond that expectation.

With Tonic

This gin carries its brightness through to the taste. There’s a distinct vibrancy through the juniper, nicely contrasted with bitter tones of chocolate and herbal orange.

Fans of a good, solid G&T – no fuss, no nonsense – will find plenty here to praise. It’s a reminder that gin doesn’t always have to be flavoured to the max to deliver a wonderful taste profile; the unique botanicals really sing here.

Lasting impressions

Red Door is an impressive gin in both presentation and taste. There’s a lot of love in this bottle with Benromach Distillery clearly taking the time and energy to source interesting botanical combinations.

Its vibrant red branding and beautiful packaging also makes it a perfect choice for any discerning gin lover.

Red Door Gin is available now from Master of Malt for £31.16

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