REVIEW: Bloom Gin

Bloom Gin with Strawberries
Bloom Gin with Strawberries

A little bit of background

Bloom gin is a premium London Dry Gin from the team behind Opihr, Thomas Dakin and Berkeley Square. Bloom is a light and floral gin, inspired by the true beauty of nature and made using delicate botanicals you’d expect to find in a flourishing garden. The idea for the gin was first conceived by Joann Moore, master distiller at G&J Distillers, whose aim was to evoke the floral perfumes of the English countryside, coupled with natural wildflower meadows in midsummer.


The bottle

I first encountered Bloom at the Craft Distilling Expo in London last year and was blown away by the bottle’s design. 1 year later, it’s still as impressive. Bloom decided to go for a bottle that fully reflects the ideas on which their gin was created: The tall, pale, green-blue glass bottle is embellished with a feminine floral pattern and adorned with a matching label and cap. It’s safe to say that Bloom would stand out on any shelf – this is definitely a bottle that I’ll be keeping as a candlestick holder!


Bloom’s botanicals are quite different compared to the gins I’m used to drinking – but no less delicious. This gin was inspired by a flourishing English garden and its choice of ingredients definitely reflect this. Honeysuckle, a favourite in my garden growing up, brings a subtle sweetness to the gin, while chamomile brings a floral, calming note. This is all rounded off with citrusy-vibes from the pomelo and classic gin flavours from the juniper, angelica root, coriander and cubeb berries.

The Gin


The first thing I noticed when taking a whiff of this one was the distinct lack of juniper. Sure, it was there, but sweet citrus accompanied by soft floral notes from the chamomile definitely take the lead on the nose.


As Bloom was created with delicate, floral botanicals, it’s definitely smooth enough to enjoy on its own (even better with ice).  The classic gin taste you’d expect from the juniper is very subtle and is definitely masked somewhat by the flavours from the citrus and the honeysuckle. Whether this is a negative or a positive I’m not sure… For those of you out there who are still fairly new to the world of gin – you may prefer the subtle gin flavour that Bloom provides but, for those of you who liked to be smacked in the face with juniper – this may not be the gin for you!


Mixing Bloom in my standard G&T (1:4 ratio of gin to tonic) definitely resulted in the flavour of the gin being lost. I tried again with a 1:3 ratio and the results were much more pleasing.

The honeysuckle and chamomile take the lead when mixed with tonic, followed by a sweet, citrusy hit from the pomello. There’s an underlying, if subtle, flavour of juniper running through it – with a slight pepperiness from the cubebs that hits you in the back of the throat.

I would say that Bloom is best suited as a summer gin – fruity, floral with a refreshing pour.


I had my Bloom in a 3:1 G&T with lots of ice and a slice of lemon, which I must say was excellent.

However, Bloom recommends that you serve their gin with two strawberries, quartered, ice and a premium tonic. You can also buy bloom pre-mixed with several of Fentiman’s products, which I’m definitely keen to try on my next picnic (or more realistically in October, train journey).

Get your hands on a bottle of Bloom for £27.95 from the Whisky Exchange.


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