REVIEW: Ledger’s Tonic

The Ledger’s Tonic range uses a natural sweetener and promises to be “the lowest calorie flavoured tonic water in the world”. Here’s how they shape up. 

Using quinine which the company claims is the best in world, Ledger’s Tonic has a lot to live up to.

As well as its “original” form, it comes in tangerine, cinnamon and licorice flavours, meaning it can be used as mixer or on its own as a soft drink.

As well as the Cinchona Ledgeriana Tree quinine – discovered by Charles Ledger in 1864 in Peru – it boasts natural stevia as a sweetener rather than anything artificial.

While this may be good for the waistline, it did make the unflavoured tonic sweeter than others, necessitating a good citrus hit to balance things.

It also suppresses the bitterness of the quinine – a waste if it truly is the best to be found.

Of the flavoured trio, the licorice was a surprise hit providing a warm aroma and subtle taste, while the cinnamon was slightly too subtle to leave much impression.

All three require a robust gin (I used Eden Mill’s Love Gin) lest they become the star of the show, however, and if you like your tonic with plenty of fizz, these may not be for you.

Ledger’s Tonic is available from or through The Gin Parlour.



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