REVIEW: Cucumber Gin by the English Drinks Company

A slice of cucumber to garnish a gin and tonic is a classic combination. The English Drinks Company took this idea and ran with it, launching their Cucumber Gin in June 2016. This gin mixes intense cucumber with traditional botanicals, resulting in a unique and refreshing taste experience.  If you fancy winning your a bottle […]

REVIEW: McQueen Forest Fruits Gin, from Aldi

Sweet ‘n’ bitter, fizzy and refreshing, there’s so much more to Forest Fruits gin than meets the eye. A little bit of background From Callandar, Scotland, McQueen Gin burst onto the scene in 2016, turning heads with their range of flavoured gins at great quality. Think Mocha, Sweet Citrus, and Chocolate Mint to name a few! […]

REVIEW: G’Vine Floraison Gin

G’Vine Gin Floraison is a quintessentially French gin, unconventionally distilled from wine. Flavoured with the rare vine flower, alongside nine other botanicals, this gin is like no other we’ve tried before.  Intrigued? We’re giving a bottle of G’Vine Floraison away to one lucky Gin Kin reader. Head over to our Competitions Page to enter until the […]

REVIEW: Jawbox Gin

Jawbox Gin is a classic dry gin, distilled and bottled in the heart of Belfast. This is a bold, punchy gin with notes of juniper, citrus and pepper – best consumed in their signature serve with ginger beer and a slice of lime. Not only are we reviewing this gin for ourselves but we’re also […]


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